natural wine | June 2024

You know us, always drinking and talking about the best natural wine in Phoenix. Check out the latest natural wine pick from us at Monsoon Market! These natural wines are always straight out of our Natty & Nice Wine Club, now on the shelves ready for you to pick up and enjoy yourselves.

Müller-Ruprecht Rot

Region: Pfalz, Germany

Grapes: Lemberger

We’re featuring a German wine that showcases the experimental side of natural winemaking, a bottle that has been described as giving the “spiritual middle finger”. Weingut Müller-Reprecht is a 400-year-old family estate currently run by a young couple that has abandoned the status quo. Sabine and her husband Phillippe studied in Rheinhessen under renowned natural winemakers Peter Klaus Keller and Julia Keller before returning to her family estate and taking the winemaking operations in a more modern and experimental direction.

Sabine and Phillippe don’t take themselves too seriously and they produce complex, edgy wines from grapes grown on some of the most highly regarded vineyard sites in Pfalz. All of their estate fruit is farmed organically in extremely rocky soil and manually harvested. Their winery is full of vigor, buzzing with creative energy and the sounds of their children playing amongst the vines while they work. All of this enthusiasm is playfully expressed in this joyful lineup of crushable, lower-ABV wines. We hope you’ll enjoy these with the people you love, smiling and laughing under the Arizona sun before the heat waves suck us into another orbit completely.

Lemberger, a varietal which you might know as Blaufränkisch, is somewhat of a shapeshifter. Depending on the method of production, it can lean either light and fruity or deep and tannic. This wine showcases Lemberger’s fruitiness and has a bit of a wild streak. Sabine and Phillipe have produced a slightly effervescent, juicy yet bone-dry light red. The grapes underwent carbonic maceration for two weeks, longer than those used to make the pet-nat. You’ll taste strong notes of blackberry and raspberries with every sip of this mouthwatering marvel. Let this wine serve as a reminder to ebb and flow through the dark days, a holy place where we can uncover what lies ahead. Lemberger is notoriously food-friendly, so get creative with this one. Sometimes the best meals are made with upcycled left-overs, half-empty bags of assorted nuts and pantry finds, whatever cheese you have in the fridge and “something green.”