Squirrel Flower Haul

Squirrel Flower is the stage name of indie musician Ella O’Connor Williams and was the nickname the musician gave herself as a child. Ella recently released her third LP, Tomorrow’s Fire, and just finished touring the U.S. Tomorrow’s Fire features Ella’s powerful voice and impressive guitar skills, with tracks that Pitchfork describes as “ambitious but not unbridled” and “sweltering, explosive rock songs”. After her debut album, I Was Born Swimming,  Rolling Stone named Squirrel Flower as an “Artist You Need to Know”. Earlier this month, Ella played a show at the beloved Phoenix venue, Rebel Lounge, and made a quick stop beforehand at Monsoon Market for some fun snacks and drinks. WATCH NOW! And stay connected with Psyko Steve Presents for more concerts in Phoenix. 

Video shot and edited by @viz.ability

Ella’s market haul:

  1. Recess Mood – Blood Orange 
    1. Recess Mood sparkling waters are made with real fruit juice and infused with adaptogens and magnesium to help you feel cool, calm, and collected. The proprietary blend of ingredients is guaranteed to chill you out: L-theanine eases tension and stress, magnesium supports relaxation, and lemon balm helps regulate your mood. Ella grabbed the Blood Orange flavor, but you can also find the Peach Ginger and Raspberry Lemon at the shop. 
  2. De La Calle! Tepache – Pineapple Chili
    1. Tepache is a traditional fermented pineapple drink from Mexico. Historically, tepache is home-brewed using the peel and rind of the pineapple with the addition of brown sugar or piloncillo for sweetness. De La Calle!’s take on tepache combines traditional preparation methods with modern ingredients. The new pineapple chili flavor is refreshing and sweet with just the right amount of spice. 
  3. Dram – Holy Basil & Lemon
    1. Whereas Recess sparkling waters lean more fruity, Dram creates refreshing blends that are herbal and light. Holy Basil (aka Tulsi) has a unique flavor profile with notes of clove, mint, and basil. 
  4. Coro – Orange Cardamom Uncured Salami
    1. Coro’s small-batch salamis are made with the freshest ingredients and the highest pork-sourcing standards. Ella chose the orange cardamom flavor, but we also love the classic and mole options. The suggested pairing for this flavor is a glass of malbec, some spicy olives, and gorgonzola cheese. 
  5. Patagonia Provisions – Spicy White Anchovies
    1. Patagonia Provisions focuses on regenerative agriculture, working with farming partners that use practices that restore, rather than deplete, natural resources. These particular anchovies are sourced from a fishing co-op on the northern coast of Spain. White anchovies are delicate and mild but the additions of chilies, cider vinegar, and bell pepper pack a tangy-sweet punch. These would pair perfectly with the Orange Cardamom salami, some crusty Noble bread, and a pack of Freestyle Hot & Spicy olives for an impressive snack board at your next dinner party. 
  6. Dad Grass – Mom Grass Pre Roll 5 pack
    1. At the market, we have hemp-based products in a variety of forms, including beverages, gummies, and joints. Ella picked out the latter and grabbed the Mom Grass Pre-Rolled CBG joints. CBG is the parent molecule to the more popular cannabinoids, CBD and THC. CBG, like CBD, is non-psychoactive and helps soothe inflammatory pain and reduce stress and anxiety. 
  7. High & Dry Mouth Watering Lozenges
    1. Of course, she had to pick up some of the High & Dry lozenges to use with the Mom Grass joints. These mouth watering candies are the perfect antidote to dry mouth, with a blend of natural herbs and spices that activate salivary glands. The pouches are easy to keep on hand when you’re on the go; they’re the perfect size to throw in your bag or stash in the car. 
  8. TRUFF – Mini TRUFF Hotter Sauce
    1. In our pantry, we dedicate extensive shelf space to hot sauce. We have carrot-based varieties, chili crisps, sauces from our favorite local brands, and a killer lineup of TRUFF truffle-based products. The main flavors in this TRUFF Hotter Sauce are red chili peppers, black truffle, red habanero powder, and savory spices. 
  9. Honey Mama’s – Cherry Hazelnut Cocoa Truffle Bar
    1. Obviously, no market haul is complete without a little sweet treat. Honey Mama’s truffle bars are gluten-free, dairy-free, and made with clean ingredients. Cherry Hazelnut is a limited edition flavor inspired by the Pacific Northwest, using cherries and hazelnuts grown in Oregon. Come pick up a bar before they’re gone!
  10. Unsung Hero –
    1. Ella snagged one of the last bottles of Unsung Hero, a funky skin-contact white blend from a market-favorite California producer, Subject to Change. Alex at Subject to Change focuses on single-vineyard expressions as a way to represent specific California geography in each of his wines. While we wait to get our hands on more Unsung Hero, you can shop our shelves for some equally yummy STC bottles. We love the key lime pie tartness of the skin-contact Preconceived Notions, the very pink lemonade-y ETA Rosé, and the robust fig and plum notes in the Redwood Merlot and Cab Sauv blend.

Film photos by Bayley Ugstad