10 gifts for Valentines Day from Monsoon Market

‘Tis the season for pink and red candy foils and heart-shaped love notes written in inky black. Valentine’s Day originated as a feast day honoring a martyr named Valentine and has since become a significant landmark as a single day focused on celebrating your loved ones.

Often, Valentine’s Day is commercialized as a holiday that only applies if you have a romantic partner to share it with. This downplays the love we get to bear witness to and partake in every single day – in fleetingly shared moments with strangers, in laughing so hard with your friends it feels like the only thing that could ever matter, in the comfort of your childhood home you could find your way around in blindfolded.

Love is a puzzle piece that can often fit seamlessly at times and at others, with a bit more patience and labor required. We can take the extra steps for others on the days they cannot manage it. We can right our wrongs when we realize that vulnerability is the creator, the icing on the cake we should be licking off our fingers. The more our desire to connect expands, the more we come to understand love is a meeting point. X marks the spot. 

to you, from us, with love: our top 10 valentines day gifts to get for someone else, or for yourself.

natural wine

Obviously one of our favorite picks for any occasion, especially Valentine’s Day, is a bottle of natural wine.

After recently having met and dined with Gianluca, we’re feeling the love and of course want to suggest his juice. Gianluca makes Terrevive wines, @bergianti_vino on Instagram, and traveled to Phoenix all the way from his home in Modena, Italy!

Gianluca makes frizzante wines, primarily Lambruscos, wonderful to pair with the cuisine of his village (lots of pork)! There is nothing added, just pure natty juice. (Is there truly anything sexier in winemaking?!)

It’s so special to get to spend time with the people behind the wines we sell & hear their stories first hand. Natural wine has made us so many new friends since opening up Monsoon, we suggest sharing these fizzy bottles with a friend in this season of love. <3


Fully taking over the phrase ‘once-you-start-you-can’t-stop’, Baggu has a longstanding chokehold on us – and we’re into it. 😉

Truly anything from Baggu makes a great gift. One of our favorites to suggest in the shop is gathering a few items, say a candle and some snacks, into a Baby Baggu or Standard Baggu bag, and using the bag itself as wrapping. It’s a present within a present, and it’s never been cuter.

Monsoon Market always has Baggu in stock, whether that’s the Baggu lightweight bags in many colors and patterns, or the insulated coolers, picnic blankets, or laptop sleeves, we have the Baggu for your boo. Because nothing says “I love you” like being environmentally conscious and stylish.

Monsoon Market forever candle

Illuminate your love story with the Monsoon forever candle. That’s right, we have our own candle now, did you know?! In collaboration with Art Over Order out of Tucson, AZ, this candle is a beautiful representation of two parties making magic together. It’s not just wax and a wick; it’s a beacon of hope for your deepest desires. Light it up, make a wish, and let the flickering flames set the mood for an evening that’s lit with love.


At Monsoon Market, we always have a great assortment of chocolates, and since chocolate is a staple Valentines gift, we’re ready with options aplenty.

Some of our favorite brands in the shop include Compartes Chocolates, Date Better, Monsoon Chocolate, & Uncle Jerry’s chocolate covered pretzels (holy yum). We think you need one for them AND one for you on this gift.


While flowers may be a classic choice, the ones at Monsoon Market are anything but ordinary—they’re floral masterpieces, crafted by local florist Buckaroo Flower Co. What makes this gift even more special is the knowledge that you’re supporting not just one but multiple women-owned local businesses by choosing blooms from Monsoon. It’s more than just a bouquet; it’s a gesture that empowers and uplifts. So, as you hand over that stunning arrangement, you’re not just expressing love with flowers, but also spreading kindness within your community. It’s the perfect blend of tradition, uniqueness, and supporting local, making this Valentine’s Day gift truly extraordinary.


Why not spice things up with a cookbook? Trust us, it’s not just about whipping up a storm in the kitchen; it’s about creating memories with that special someone. Imagine flipping through the pages, deciding on your next cooking escapade—it’s like a romantic journey for your taste buds! Monsoon Market currently has publications like Arty Parties by Julia Sherman and Colu Cooks Easy Fancy Foods, by Colu Henry, just to name a few.

wild rye baking mix

Speaking of whipping up things in the kitchen… Wild Rye brings an easy and unique twist to your baking game, making it the perfect gift for the treat-lover in your life. With high-quality, all-natural ingredients, these baking mixes not only make the process a breeze but also promise a mouthwatering result that’ll have you both reaching for seconds. So, trade the traditional gifts for a bag of Wild Rye magic, and get ready to create a sweet masterpiece together. May we recommend the Pink Velvet with Matcha frosting – HEAVENLY.

veil spray

Listen up for a dope Valentine’s Day move – check out Veil spray, the unsung hero of cannabis consumption! It’s not just a regular odor eliminator; this all natural spray wipes out that unmistakable weed smell like it’s nobody’s business. Fragranced with notes of sweet orange, cracked black pepper, and Virginia cedar working in perfect harmony. It’s the secret weapon for keeping it cool and discreet. So, this V-Day, gift your stoner soulmate the ultimate tool to make every sesh an elevated experience.

atrium plant

The most unique gift within Monsoon Market this Valentine’s Day may just be a collaboration piece by ATRIUM x enough to melt. ATRIUM curates and crafts botanical arrangements, while @enoughtomelt does the same with vintage and pre-loved homewares. Together, there are a few one-of-a-kind pieces, plant plus vessel, that are available exclusively at Monsoon Market.

Monsoon Market Mystery Box

Ready to go a little above and beyond? We brought back the Monsoon Market Mystery Boxes with a Valentine’s Day twist! *Spoiler ahead*

Inside this $69 box you’ll find a Monsoon forever candle, Nemi churro snacks, Dirtbag snack bar, Behave sour gummy bears, a Monsoon Market lighter & a Valentine card! Leave the details to us and swing though for a Mystery box any day, 11am-7pm!