Vanessa Hudgens at Monsoon Market: Koral’s Birthday Wish

December 9th, 1993… Koral was born.

December 9th, 2023… Vanessa Hudgens strolls into Monsoon Market!

This past Saturday (Koral’s B-day) Misch was holding down the market when none other than Vanessa Hudgens walks in. We all know her, most notably from High School Musical and the cinematic masterpiece that is Spring Breakers, and probably would have freaked out seeing her IRL. But not Misch, the super cool cat she is, didn’t even bug out. She welcomed her into the market and let Vanessa wander throughout the market in peace, keeping it low-key dressed in a furry bucket hat and the perfect oversized sweatsuit. You know we love a good market fit check.

What’s really cool about Vanessa randomly stopping into the Monsoon is that Misch got to show her that we were a retailer for Caliwater, a brand that she is involved in. As an acting co-founder of the company, Vanessa was stoked to see Caliwater in the fridges! She was also interested in our wide array of non-alcoholic beverages, and ended up purchasing a bottle of Wilfred’s N/A Apertif and Töst Alcohol-Free Sparkling Rosé. So yeah, Vanessa Hudgens finally noticed us and is a market groupie now and we have her on the record saying “sooo cuuute!” about the market <3

While Koral was in NY celebrating her 30th, Vanessa found her way to Monsoon Market and we like to think that’s birthday magic!