Saint Pasta x Monsoon Market


Vodka Sauce & Fresh Pasta 👅

Orders go live Friday, 9/22 ‼️

Pickup at Monsoon Market Monday, 10/2 🛒

Fresh Baguettes from @noblebread 🥖

Fall Bouquets from @petalnmetal 🥀

Wine Tasting by Monsoon Market 🍷

We had so much fun creating this collaborative shoot to announce Saint Pasta’s upcoming DROP 004! The concept was, a date with Saint Pasta. Racan pulled together a Saint Pasta suit, we recruited our friend and goth babe Liz from The Back Alley Gallery and we staged the scene at Camp Nemo (a catch all space for creatives and our friend Nemo’s house). The table was set with Le Vin de Amis, a killer new wine arrival from Monsoon Market, plates of vodka sauce & fresh pasta, Noble baguettes and a moody Petal n’ Metal bouquet. The photos were shot on a Nikon 500AF film camera by Koral, and the video was shot and edited by Nemo on a Sony Hi8 handy-cam — link below!