Monsoon Market 2024 ins & outs

Without further ado, here is the official 2024 Monsoon Market Ins & Outs list! It’s been a long and eventful year, and making this list was a fun way for us to get excited about what’s to come. This list reflects the ways we have learned from past mistakes (e.g., forgetting to drink enough water, wearing clothes with faulty zippers to work) and the things we would like to do more of (e.g., supporting our friends’ businesses, dreaming big, supporting the scene). 

It’s important to note this list is quite silly and unserious. We certainly don’t mean to suggest that we’re the arbiters of what’s “cool”. Monsoon Market has never just been about our tastes; it’s about Phoenix and all of the best people who make this place so special. You contribute to the collective energy that has made the market a vortex of cool. So really, this list is inspired by our market friends and customers. And maybe a few inside jokes. 

In the spirit of sincerity, what we’re most excited about in 2024 is the opportunity to keep chatting about wine, throwing parties, dancing, shopping for gifts, doing yoga, and hanging out in the market with all of you. The most special thing about this market community is the way you all show up and express yourselves. We can’t wait to see more of that, and to see all of you, next year!

shopping localCosMc’s 
screenprintingmarket merch w/o Misch on it
Vanessa Hudgensshitty wine keys
bringing your new puppy to the marketnot drinking enough water
Dogs named ‘Bean’opening a second location
Baking for funharsh overhead lighting
magnesiumwardrobe malfunctions in the market
market groupiesun-chilled reds
barista Bayleygoing to Wang’s w/o stopping at the cool spot next door
disco ballsanxiety!
Groundwork classesgatekeeping
Devin Booker at Monsoon Marketthe Sonos app 
magnum sized wine bottles natural wine skeptics
central Phoenixstemless wine glasses
stretchingAnything that stifles our creativity
buying yourself something you don’t needforgetting to text your friends back 
film camerasthe Trader Joe’s pet nat 
personalized wine charmsjunkmail 
billboardsroad closures on 7th st 
aura photos Weezer 
putting people on Bras